For Rose
keep a secret
Sarah walked through the hall, shifting clothes with just a bit of magic. The leather outfit, shaped to fit her skin precisely, would appear seamless even to the most practiced of observers. It stretched with her skin, shoving off each curve and peak and split as clearly as if it were made of latex - though with far more protection. It wasn't what one would call the professional look, in any job but hers.

It did go well with her black whip. That she attached to her side, close enough to draw out. on a moment's notice. It would be her best tool where she was going - not just against the animals, but against the humans who brought them in. Sometimes it took a flash of leather to make them quiet down and trust her steady hand with their pets.

It truly was troublesome tor run an obedience school for such exotic pets. It was almost like they didn't think she'd give them up... but if they didn't want them to keep a bit of them in their hearts, then they should train their pets themselves rather than leaving it to her. It always left more than a mere skin mark when she turned her whip on the poor unsuspecting brings brought to her...

Palm open, she pressed the door open to her school, letting the greeting mewls of pets wash over her, hands brushing past the cages to touch their little noses, mouths, and breasts. she tweaked one girl's nipples, enjoying the way her little cat ears stood on end as she mewled. Another, a vixen, pretended not to notice - and then launched itself at her, suckling at her fingers as she laughed. She patted it on the head, and then moved on.

There was one final set of doors, to the right, and then she would be among them. Her new pets... She'd been told that this training session would be an experience like few others. Exhilaration was enough to put a little hop in her step. She had to be careful to modulate her footsteps, for fear of giving way her excitement.

Taking a final breath, she opened the door.


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